Sync with e-Courts and ConfoNET

Keep your case posting dates in-Sync with e-Courts and ConfoNET

Your calendar will always be upto date

For cases which are in e-Courts or ConfoNET, we will collect the posting dates, orders and your client information and add it to Jurisnet. Once a case is added, it will be synchronized automatically with e-Courts and ConfoNET and new posting dates will be added to your calendar.

All your devices, be it phone, tablet or your computer will be always showing the correct dates published by eCourts/ConfoNET.

Works even without e-Courts

e-Courts system was started by Indian Judiciary in 2008 and it is rapidly being implemented in all courts all over India. If at all your Court doesnt support e-Court, you can still manage the posting date manually.

Get posting details right from your mobile phone

View posting date, purpose of posting, court, previous posting date and purpose on your mobile phone.

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