Legal Document Management

Upload your case files and view them in Jurisnet no matter where you are!

All your case documents in one place

Getting your documents to Jurisnet is easy. Jurisnet has an efficient upload tool which can be used to move all your files with just a few clicks.

Your pleadings, memos, notes, legal research, court orders will be available to you wherever you are.

No storage limitations

Jurisnet is cloud-based, we do not have any storage limitations. Upload as much as you want.

Secure and Encrypted

Security is very important for advocates and law companies. Jurisnet takes security very seriously. We provide bank-grade security to data stored in Jurisnet.

All communication between you and is secure. Your Documents stored in jurisnet are encrypted, only you and people whom you share with will be able to read them.

  • Secure communication (SSL) between you and Jurisnet website.
  • Document encryption with 256 bit key.
  • Data Redundancy with Amazon S3 storage with regular backups and revisioning.

Full permission control and Sharing

You can control access permissions of documents stored in Jurisnet. Document permission include `view`, `edit` and `delete`.

Share files between Jurisnet users (coming soon)

Document templates for your Company

Keep a set of document templates for affidavits, writs, agreement, bonds etc for your company, so that new Company Staff can easily prepare documents for your cases.

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